By the end of June...

... I will be homeless and unemployed. But don't worry, it won't be for long. July 12 I'll be on my way to the beautiful country of New Zealand where I will hopefully spend at least one wonderful year of my life. Those of you who know me I don't have to explain much of the reasons. To everyone else let's just say there are two hearts beating in my chest and the one that seems to belong to a gypsy has become stronger and stronger recently until I could no longer bear it and had to make a decision.

So today I told my boss that I was leaving. My appt currently looks like a bomb has been dropped because there are boxes everywhere and furniture to be taken apart and sold. If anyone living in Leipzig is still looking for a couch or some furniture or whatever please check out this website.

I'll end today's post with one of my favorite quotes:

Every dreamer knows 
it is entirely possible
to be homesick for a place 
you've never been to. 
Perhaps even more homesick 
than for familiar ground.


  1. Liebe Mara!
    Mutiger Schritt - sehr mutig sogar. Und beneidenswert. Du bist jung, ungebunden und hast diesen Drang - also lebe ihn aus. Wenn Du wie ich ertsmal mit Mann und Kind gebunden bist, sind solche Träume erstmal auf Eis gelegt. Ich habe Dich als Kollegin immer sehr geschätzt, auch wenn unsere Zeit nur kurz war. Wünsche Dir vile Glück und alles erdenklich Gute!
    Nadine (F.)

  2. Are you really going to leave that soon? Horrible! And I haven't been in Leipzig yet, need to find a weekend to do that until july. Otherwise we'll see each other in New Zealand ;-) Anyway: Good luck, have fun and enjoy the new spirit! If you need to hear some german tones somewhen - just give me a call!


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