Belated surprise

There are some traditions that I really love. Christmas calenders for example. Year after year my mom keeps asking me "Surely you're too old for that stuff now, aren't you?" - But of course I'm not. For some things you never get too old.

So year after year I would hang up my very special Christmas calender that my mom had previously filled with all kinds of chocolate and sweets that she knew I liked. No matter if I lived anywhere near home, further away in Germany (I'd make her come and visit me before December to make sure my calender gets to me on time) or even overseas (like the US). My calender was always there.

Not so this year. My mom had earlier tried to send chocolate to New Zealand - the parcel took EIGHT WEEKS and by the time I received it the chocolate had gone all manky :-( And she didn't even ask about me wanting a calender this year. Some people suggested I just buy one for myself - but see, you just don't do that. You buy Christmas calenders for someone else. But you don't buy them for yourself. It's just wrong...

Christmas has been over for almost a week now. I did survive without a calender, of course. But imagine my surprise - and my pure joy - when I received a letter yesterday from my former neighbors in Leipzig which also included A CHRISTMAS CALENDER *woohoo* Sometimes it's amazing how much pleasure small gestures like this one can bring =D Thank you so much, lovely ex-neighbors!


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