The follow-up

New Zealand police has strange work hours... It took them four weeks to get back to me on the incident that happened at work more than four weeks ago. I would have thought cases of assault are solved faster but apparently not. Anyway... they finally called - 9am on a Saturday morning!!! My first weekend off in ages, I'm sick (of course) and tired in bed - and the police calls... Oh well.. at least they are now following it through and will get back to me shortly. Wonder if I will have to go to court. Here in New Zealand I get to do all these things I never had to do before - and actually could have lived without a bit longer...

Well... I'm off to watch a rugby game. About a year ago Philip's team won the championships (still not too sure which ones, need to update my knowlegde about local/regional rugby) and they made it back into the finals again this year. Should be fun =D


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