I need a break - or a holiday!

What a night... We had a function that I was kind of resonsible for. Nice people, lots of fun. They had hired a karaoke guy as well and were dancing and singing the night away. Even made me go on stage and do my favorite song "REM - Loosing my religion". Everyone had heaps of fun!

An hour later I'm questioned by the police about an assault... one of the customers got pissed about me not serving him any more alcohol and the whole thing escalated and eventually he smacked me on the head ;-( I'm alright, just got a headache now and am a bit shaken.

When I look back at the past year here in New Zealand it certainly hasn't been one thing - boring. Though there is one or the other experience I would rather have not had... Like tonight...

Anyone keen on going to Bali with me for a few weeks? I think I'm ready for a holiday... Oh shit... I forgot I can't leave New Zealand for a while or I won't be allowed to come back. Guess Bali has to wait a bit...


  1. oh no! deswegen also erstmal kein Karaoke mehr - du Arme, gute Besserung.
    - Bali hab ich übrigens auch ins Auge gefasst; unglaublich, wie günstig die Flüge von hier aus sind!! :)
    LG aus dem Nachbarland,


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