Rugby players like it sweet

The last few days since I've been granted my new work permit have been rather uneventful. Dan started his new job and seems to be enjoying it so far (just was a bit bored as it was mostly office work to get him started...). For me a 24-hour-week at the restaurant was followed by a 40-hour one where I've been acting as temporary duty manager for the first time *yay*

All my paperwork is filled out now and I've just been to the council today to apply for my General Manager's licence. For all the none-Kiwis - you need that licence over here in order to manage any premises that sells or supplies alcohol... I've already sat a test in May where I was taught about the legal situation involving everything around selling/supplying alcohol to the public and how to be responsible in certain situations.

Been to the council today to hand my application in and they said it normally takes around 2 to 3 three weeks to process the whole thing. I'll also need to sit an interview with a police officer to make sure I am capable of managing our restaurant while on duty. I wonder whether that's going to take them as long as getting back to me on the assault 2.5 weeks ago... Still haven't heard back from the police though I am sure they know who the guy is who smacked me in the head...

Well... like I initially mentioned - with working all the time the last few days/weeks have been almost uneventful - until today... we weren't very busy during the day at the restaurant but all the sudden this massive group of about 20 guys walked in wanting hot drinks. Turns out it was the Taranaki rugby team!!! They are playing Northland tonight, the local team... They must have loved the hot and iced chocolates we made them - even though the coach (?) took away most of their marshmellows. Why? THEY LEFT US FREE TICKETS TO THE GAME TONIGHT - Northland vs Taranaki!!!!! They normally cost around 35 dollars! Not sure yet if Dan wants to come along as he starts work really early in the morning. But I'm definitely going *woohoo*


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