Immigration New Zealand: There is still hope!

What a day... it started really bad, got even a bit worse but took a very unexpected turn towards a happy ending in the end. What has happened?

Last week I finally sent my visa application to immigration New Zealand. Tuesday I got an email saying that they received all the papers and will get back to me soon. Well  - soon they did. Today. Before heading off to work I checked my mails as I always do and there was another one from immigration. And what did it say? "Lodgement failed."


So I spent all morning trying to get someone on the phone who could tell me what that meant. Of course the line was busy, I was number 13 in the queue (what a lucky number...) and the calling back option took forever. My phone finally rang when I was just about to leave for work. 20 minutes later I was devastated! The guy told me my papers weren't complete and that's why they were sending it all back to me... What was missing? My police clearance certificate.


When I first called immigration in March I was told that at this stage I did not need to provide such a certificate. Because it wasn't sure whether I would stay in the country for two years or longer (which is when you need to proof you're a good character). Well, all the sudden I needed one anyway. "We will grant you a work permit for 12 months", said the guy this time. "But only if you include the police clearance certificate."

The problem is - I have to apply for that certificate in Germany and apparently it takes up to six weeks to process it - and send all the paperwork back and forth from New Zealand to Germany and back. So the good news was - my application wasn't denied and I didn't have to pay for it twice either. The only problem was - if I don't send my COMPLETE application back before 14 July 2011 (which is when my current visa expires) I have to leave the country. What a mess!!!

All day I've been thinking about that... troubling myself with the thought of having come this far only to fail at the very last step... During my 10-hour-shift at the restaurant I had a really hard time not starting to cry or lose concentration to an extent where the customers would get bad service. I finally lost it when I told my boss about it. "There's no need to panic" really wasn't helping me that moment.

To cut the long story short... in the end it is actually Germany who keeps my hopes up. I called the Bundesamt für Justiz (thank you Skype!) and told them my story and how I don't have six weeks to wait for that certificate. The lady at the other end was just laughing. "Six weeks? No way it takes that long!"

I was actually able to scan all the necessary paperwork onto my computer, send it off via email - and within four or six work days (so hopefully by the end of next week) I will have my police clearance certificate. And since the worst crimes I have ever committed were stealing a magazine at the hairdresser when I was about 14) and getting ONE single speeding ticket in my entire life (in New Zealand) that shouldn't be a problem.

Thank you sweetie for having so much patience with me today. It wasn't an easy day but you gave me strength *kiss*

So... and now it is 1.11am in the morning and I think I can finally go to bed without worrying my head off... G!ood night y'all!!


  1. Wow!!! What a day! Poor you!!! I hope German efficiency will be on your side this time round! I hope it will all go well and I am pleased to hear that there is hope! Bless Daniel for being such a lovely star!
    I was just wondering if it really doesn't come within 6 weeks could you leave all your stuff and go to Australia for a few weeks until that is sorted? Would that work and be easier than going to Germany?
    ANyway, it won't get that far...!!
    Lots of loves and smiles
    xxxx Jenny

  2. Das ist ja 'n Ding, Mara. Geht es um das polizeiliche Führungszeugnis? Oder was bedeutet die englische Bezeichnung?

    Ich drücke weiterhin alles, was sich außer Daumen noch drücken lässt!

  3. Liebe Grüße von Siggi - die gehören zu dem Post von soeben!

  4. Yep, Siggi, es geht um das polizeiliche Führungszeugnis. Was ich eigentlich erst nächstes Jahr vorlegen müsste, wenn ich länger als zwei Jahre im Land bin. Aber wie das so ist bei Bürokraten - der eine will es so, der andere so *seufz* Danke fürs Daumendrücken, kann ich gebrauchen!!!

    @Jenny: I (we) have indeed been thinking about going to Australia because it will be a lot easier (mainly meaning cheaper) getting back to New Zealand from there than from Germany. But the problem is - since I've already had the Working Holiday Visa I could only go there as a tourist. And unfortunately I don't have any savings to live on... But if that worse case scenario happens I can only pray things will work out somehow...


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