Immigration New Zealand: Green light from Germany

I just got off the phone with the German Bundesjustizamt (BfJ) - the ministry that is responsible for issuing police clearance certificates. As you might remember this little document is currently standing between me and my next visa to stay in New Zealand. When I spoke with Mrs. Schmidt from the BfJ last week she already helped me a lot by allowing me to send my application via email with all important documents attached. She told me it would take between four and five work days to process - which was a lot better than the six weeks it said it would take on the website of the German Embassy.

Well, those four to five work days are up and there hasn't been anything in the mail so I gave them another call today. Once again it was Mrs. Schmidt who was talking to me and this time she completely made my day. Her colleague, she said, has been processing my application and will post the police clearance certificate tomorrow. Air Mail.

That still doesn't mean it will get here on time but the chances have just increased by at least 50 percent!!! I've had letters that got here within three days, on average they take about a week from Germany to New Zealand. That still gives me "heaps" of time to send my COMPLETE visa application back to immigration on time. I have 28 days left...

My return flight to Germany in the meantime has been cancelled. Should everything go wrong and I do have to leave I've decided to go to Australia for a while. It'll be a lot easier to get back to NZ from there than from Germany.

By the way... this is my 300th post since I've relaunched my blog in December 2008. Definitely reason enough for a small HOORAY (ok, that was a bigger one...). And I have more reasons to rejoyce today - WE HAVE FIREWOOD!!! After we've been let down by our deliverer TWICE we finally managed to organise something today. Now I'm sitting in front of our fireplace enjoying the warmth and will probably allow myself a glass of wine later on to toast to all the good things that have happened today.


  1. Nachdem jetzt alle Kontinente abgraste, hab ne wenig vertrauenserweckende nachricht. Google mal unter "Brasilianische Wanderspinne", Größe und auch die Färbung weist viele Ähnlichkeit auf.
    Sie wurde u. A. vor zwei Monaten auch in Berlin in einer bananenkiste vorgefunden und wurde genau beschrieben und fotographisch erfast.


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