German Christmas Eve vs. Kiwi traditions

Every country has its own traditions during holidays such as Christmas. In Germany Christmas Eve is the most important day of this festive season. We'd put up the Xmas tree in the morning and decorate it. When I was younger my mom would actually lock herself into the living room and not let anyone in until the job was done. I later adopted the same routine - I would lock her and my brother out until the tree looked exactly as I wanted it to be :-)

If we hadn't already done so the days before we'd bake some Xmas cookies - "Vanillekipferl" - and of course prepare the food for the same night and the following days.

Christmas Eve we'd always have potato salad and Wiener W├╝rstchen (Vienna Sausages) at approx 6pm. We couldn't wait for dinner to be finished - because afterwards finally Santa would come and deliver our presents. Yes - in Germany (and many other European countries in fact) Santa already comes on Christmas Eve. And he doesn't slide down the chimney either. We get to see him in person =D As kids we always had to recite a poem, sing a song or do something like that in order to get our presents.

And guess what naughty kids get instead of presents: a sack of coals and a whip on their bottom with a brach of the Christmas tree. So you better be good =D

Today I had my first Christmas Eve in New Zealand. Normally in Germany by this time I'd be anxious and excited and full of Christmas Spirit. But I'm afraid Christmas in the summer time just doesn't feel like Christmas. More like a summer party - but then that's just what it is down here...

I spent my morning at the physiotherapist to work on my whiplash/concussion problems that I've had for a while now. Went to town after that to get my last presents sorted out, then back home to do some more cooking, clean the house and spend the afternoon with the kids, watching the puppies and relax a bit.

Then we headed over to the gliding club for a Christmas BBQ with family and friends. It was really nice. We had mussels *yummy* and steak of course, sausages AND POTATO SALAD (which I just had to make to not break with tradition entirely). Then there was cake and ice cream afterwards. So much food... and it's just the beginning...

I didn't open a present today. Not sure if I'm getting any *lol* But I got a nice card from Daniel and have another one to open tomorrow... Only one more hour til Christmas Day *woohoo*


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