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What happens when two foreigners join two Kiwis for a pub quiz night where most of the questions are New Zealand based? Right - they lose... Tonight's quiz night was far from successful, but at least Johanna and I actually got a few answers right AND our team scored 9/10 in the geography round. WOOHOO!

Had another first tonight, too: On the way out of town I actually got stopped during a routine police control and had to give my name and adress for the alcohol test. That was exciting =D I did pass by the way...

And I'm slowly getting into the Xmas mood. Started some baking yesterday after my mom gave me her recipe for traditional German Vanillekipferl. They turned out so yummy I had to make heaps more today. Since Eliza is already on holiday she helped me make them and did such an amazing job!!! Here's the proof...

And here is the recipe for Vanillekipferl - try it, it's soooo yummy!!!

400g butter
560g flour (it works perfectly with gluten-free flour mixes, just use approx. one teaspoon of Xantham gum for every 100g of flour)
120g sugar
200g ground almonds
120g vanilla sugar (4 packages in Germany)

* knead the dough until all the ingredients are combined
* roll out little mountain-shaped Kipferl as shown in the picture below
* bake for 15 to 20mins in the oven at 180°C until golden yellow
* let Kipferl cool down, then roll in a mix of icing and vanilla sugar
* enjoy :-)


  1. I was lucky that 2 years ago my host mom Pia had home-made vanilla sugar (where you cut vanilla beans and leave them in with the sugar so the aroma spreads) - however, this year I'm not so lucky and vanilla beans are quite expensive... but I found a note saying for 1 package of German "Vanillezucker" just use 4 teaspoons of vanilla extract... works the same =D HAPPY BAKING!


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