Why housework should be banned!

Originally today's (second) post was supposed to be about baby animals. Because of those I had seen a lot today. First of all Louise (my host mom's sister in law) has bought a kitten on the weekend and Ozo is such a cute little thing =D I want a kitten, too *lol*

Today Noel (Louise's husband and my host dad's brother) has also brought home a little baby rabbit that almost got run over with the motorbike on the paddock. They'll try to keep it and hopefully it will survive...

Another baby animal that still isn't safe is Piepsi, a little chick that was found at a friend's place this morning. It's born too late, way after its siblings, and therefore probably too weak to survive among the other chicken. So now it's found a new home with Katrin and she'll try to coddle it up.

But anyway... the post was only MEANT to be written about baby animals. Instead I'd like to write about Guardian Angels today and why housework should be banned... I've always been a bit clumsy but lately there have been too many incidents that make me wonder whether my Guardian Angel is taking a vacation right now.

Just last week I bumped my head (and my butt) real hard while playing soccer. Could barely move my neck for a few days so stiff were the muscles from absorbing the fall.

And then today...? I was vacuuming the house and was almost finished when somehow I managed to drop one of our heaters right onto my foot. Oh I don't know if I have ever felt such pain... It was so bad I got all queasy and thought I had to throw up. Luckily Pia was already home. Don't know what I would have done with just the kids around. Though Lukas and Eliza were really sweet - fighting over who can bring me a glass of water, some pain relief... Lukas brought me a stuffed animal to squeeze and Eliza took my hand. They are soooo adorable!!!

Pia took me to the doctor so I could get an X-ray, see if it's broken. Lucky me it isn't =D It'll just be sore for a few days until the swelling goes away. So now I wonder whether my Guardian Angel is actually a really good one because I'm just too clumsy in general and he prevents me from getting seriuously hurt. Or whether he is taking a short vacation right now because all these things happen in the first place...


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