Back on the field

Back in Germany I had promised my soccer coach I would try to find a team down here to keep in shape and don't forget how to play. Well - unfortunately soccer season in New Zealand only lasts during the winter months. There is, however, a less serious league where anyone can play during the summer months. And I have found myself a team *yeah*

A few weeks ago when I went to the prize-giving of Tikipunga Soccer Club - where I played the last two games of the season - I met one of the guys who plays for Tiki and he let me join his team "The Llamas". They lost the first game last week 3:4 - I wasn't there because I had been in Auckland *lol* This week I finally made it and was looking forward to kicking the ball again =D

The field we play on for this league is quite small and each half is only 20mins. Each team needs to have at least one woman on the field (or two?), there's five players each on the field all together. We didn't start too good and were soon one goal behind. BUT we were getting better and better. In the end the score was 7:3!!!!!!! We kicked ass =D

Even I could have scored - but I was too busy tripping over the ball when trying to shoot from what seemed to me a perfect position ;-/ Landed very hard on my butt and then on my head. Didn't know what hurt more... Still feeling a little dizzy.

And as if that isn't enough humiliation I ended up in a typical "stupid female"-situation after the game. I was sitting in the car wanting to go home - and that stupid key wouldn't turn to start the engine. I tried for about 10mins... nothing worked. Unfortunately my host family was about half an hour away - so what was I supposed to do? Of course - call a guy for help... One of the players came to my rescue - it turned out the wheel was locked, that's why the key wouldn't turn.

I feld SOOOOOOOOOOO stupid ;-/ Couldn't believe it - like in a really bad movie. What a day...


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