International Driver's License

Finally got my International Driver's License today. Only 18 days to go til I'm on my way to New Zealand and I was worried I wouldn't get it done on time. I had read it takes up to six weeks to get that license and so far I hadn't been able to organize it. But no worries... In the end it only took about 15mins until I had it.

Here's what you need to get an International Driver's License (if you are a German citizen):

1. valid ID to prove it's you

2. EU driver's license (the small one that looks like a credit card) - if you still have an older version in paper form you need to transfer that into an EU license which takes a few weeks so keep that in mind

3. current passport photo according to biometric standards (more Information here - PDF)

4. money - in Germany the Int. Driver's Lic. costs 16,30 Euros

I went to the Administration Office in charge for driver's licenses today and applied for one. I had all the above mentioned with me and after 15mins I was able to leave with my International Driver's License. It's valid for three years from the date of issue.

Here's what it looks like...

P.S.: The Int. Driver's Lic. is ONLY VALID combined with you national driver's license!!!

Also got a few more things crossed off my list today - like all the necessary insurances and prescriptions for medication I need to take with me. If you're thinking about going abroad for more than just a holiday here's a helpful list of things to consider.


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