Fifa World Cup: Kontor & Paroli

Told you I was going to rate Leipzig's public viewing locations. Here is the first: Kontor & Paroli.

Game: opening match of the Fifa World Cup 2010 South Africa vs. Mexico (4pm)

1. size - 2 rooms with a big screen, one room holding about 50 people the other a little more than that

2. audience - when we were there it was a lot of kids with their parents and some smaller groups of people aged 25 to 35

3. reachability - Kontor & Paroli, Könneritzstr. 95, 04229 Leipzig - south of Leipzig in Schleußig, Tram 1 takes approx. 13mins from the main station to Rödelstraße which is directly in front of Kontor & Paroli

4. indoor/outdoor - screens only indoor but in general seats available outdoor as well

5. equipment - sound was loud enough to understand the commentator but you could still talk to your friends without yelling, screen was visible no matter where you sat

6. range of products - good variety: some beers, non-alcoholic drinks, coffee and also snacks, ice cream, cakes, hot dogs

7. pricing - 0.5 Radler (shandy - beer & lemonade)  for 2.50 Euros, 0.5 Apfelschorle (apple juice and mineral water) for 2 Euros, hot dog for 3 Euros

8. hygiene - only one bathroom each for girls and boys, clean but you can't lock the door

9. atmosphere - that location has really ONLY opened especially for the world cup and they are going to have live commentaries AND live music for a few games - wasn't the case when we were there... the atmosphere seems to be very cozy, more like a family's living room than a lively pub... rather quiet except for the kids

10. overall summary - maybe on a sunny afternoon when a less exciting game is on... I'd recommend that place for families with smaller children as it is also non-smoking (the do have an extra room for smokers)


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