Fifa Soccer World Cup 2010


All the waiting has come to end. The soccer world cup 2010 has started *woohoo*

Watching the first game today a friend and I got the idea of rating the public viewing locations throughtout Leipzig. There are soooo many of them - how are you supposed to know which ones are worth going to and which aren't? So we developed a small survey. Whenever we go to see a game at a pub or any other public place we're going to rate he location by the following criterias:

1. size - how many people are able to watch?

2. audience - what age group is the location suitable for?

3. reachability - how far away from the city center is is? does public transport go there?

4. indoor/outdoor

5. equipment - how good is the sound quality? how good can you see what's going on on the screen?

6. range of products - what drinks and food do they offer?

7. pricing - how much does everything cost? - mainly beer, non-alcoholic drinks and main food offer

8. hygiene - do they have bathrooms? how clean are they?

9. atmosphere - how is it? are there any special offers, surprises, ...?

10. overall summary - would I go there again?


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