Fifa World Cup: Gastspielhaus

Another rating for public viewing places in Leipzig - unfortunately I have missed a few games lately because of organizing my trip to New Zealand. Also watched a lot of games at home while cleaning out cupboards and packing.

Game: Argentina vs Mexico (8.30pm)

Location: Gastspielhaus(MB)

1. size - approx. 50 people inside and about the same outdoor

2. audience - lots of students or people my age (20s to 30s)

3. reachability - Petersteinweg/Münzgasse is close to the city center - maybe 15mins to walk from the main station, 10 from Augustusplatz... Tram 2, 8, 9, 10 and 11 to Leuschner-Platz or Tram 10 and 11 to Hohe Straße/LVB

4. indoor/outdoor - both - not sure though if there was a TV inside

5. equipment - small TV outside, no volume - we got that from the nine-screens-in-one-TV from next door

6. range of products - excellent menu with delicious food, hot and cold, tons of different beverages to chose from

7. pricing - 0.4 apple cider 3.40 Euros, snacks from 3.40 Euros, hot food like baguettes approx 5.00 Euros and more

8. hygiene - neat toilets, very clean AND they have audio books there - tonight it was Benjamin Blümchen

9. atmosphere - I love the Gastspielhaus - you pay 1 Euro each and you can play board and card games all night long... good place to go with people who are not fond of soccer - you can play with them AND watch the games at the same time :-) - friendly staff also never had a reason to complain and I've been there many times

10. overall summary - if you really want to enjoy soccer with all the emotions and party surrounding the event you should go somewhere else... for a nice evening just to socialize AND watch soccer though it's perfect


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