Healthy living made easy

Making healthy lifestyle changes can be daunting. Where should you start? Which food is healthy and what should I avoid? How much exercise should I do and how  heck will that work with my tight budget and my busy life?

We've all been there. I'm your typical too-busy-for-breakfast kinda girl, your I-will-grab-a-snack-every-time-I-go-shopping-or-stop-at-the-gas-station kinda girl and I am a comfort eater. Chips, ice cream, chocolate bars... that's me when I'm feeling low or run down.

However, there is a price to pay. Tight clothes, constantly feeling bloated or yuck, lacking energy to keep going and even my skin has been telling me it's had enough.

So here's the thing. Since signing up with Arbonne I have met amazing people who turned their life around and with little effort implemented changes to their lifestyles that have had a positive visible impact.

I want to be one of them! So tomorrow I am starting a 30 day healthy living challenge. Surrounded by like-minded people I will explore new recipe ideas and learn bit by bit how to swap my bad eating habits for healthy options.

I have been preparing for it over the last couple of weeks. And it's actually neither as expensive nor as complicated as I thought!!! Rather than skipping breakfast I have been making yummy shakes and smoothies in the morning that I can even enjoy on the go. Don't even need coffee anymore to get me going and I still feel energized and refreshed! I have also cut down on portion sizes (vegetables are already a big part of our dinners thanks to  Matt's gardening skills) and have noticed an overall improvement on my wellbeing.

But here it comes. The tricky bit. The snacking... I know I will have a really hard time saying NO to all those temptations out there. BUT I also know I am strong, I can do this. I have in the past gone without sweets, lollies, chips etc for 7 weeks as part of a work challenge for lent. I have also lived entirely free from gluten and dairy for a year and have never felt so good.

If you want to follow my journey then stay tuned and watch this space. Or better - come and join me and we can feel good together!!!

Here is my recipes for today:

Lunch is a yummilicious shake with our Arbonne meal replacement, a banana, coconut milk and water.

And for that afternoon craving I have just finished some scrumptious bliss balls with chopped nuts, almonds, chia seeds, dates, coconut and peanut butter. For binding I used coconut oil, honey and almond meal, then rolled them in shredded coconut. Hands up if you'd like to try them!


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