Hunting for rocks

There's been a new craze hitting the country: rock-hunting. I've been doing it since Christmas last year when a mum at my centre told me about the hype. People paint rocks, write messages on them or decorate them however they like. Then the rocks are being hidden anywhere in the community for others to find.

The idea behind it originates in Port Angeles. Local artists started hiding painted rocks to make locals more aware of their surroundings. Now it's a worldwide phenomenon.

The benefits? You can let your creativity run wild when decorating the rocks. You get a lot of fresh air while looking for places to hide them. AND while hunting for rocks you do get to explore areas that otherwise might not have caught your interest. You are more likely to stop and take a breather, you become more aware of what's around you and you actually enjoy nature a lot more than usual. And children are having the time of their lives spotting the colourful bits and pieces all around them =D


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