Christmas 2015 road trip, day 6: Kapiti Coast - Mount Taranaki - Ohaupo

We actually did decide to leave Cape Palliser yesterday and journey on. Could have easily stayed another week or longer, but it felt like the time was getting close to head back home where our rabbits and the garden were waiting for us. Our initial idea was to camp somewhere around Lake Wairarapa, but after having been spoiled which such beautiful scenery the lake simply didn't appeal to us.

Looking at the map we were hoping to find a campsite in a nearby National Forest and headed towards Kapiti Coast. Well, luck wasn't on our side. By the time the sun set we were in Waikanae on the West Coast and knew from last year's experience that freedom camping was rather tricky in this part of the country. So onwards we journeyed, until we finally got to Foxton Beach. There were already a few campervans in the carpark and it was way past our bedtime so we simply locked the doors and fell asleep almost instantly. Packed everything up as soon as the sun appeared over the horizon to find a more suitable spot for breakfast which we ended up having at Waverley Beach.

As we made our way further up north we remembered our bad luck from last year trying to catch a glimpse of Mount Taranaki. It was sort of on the way, so we thought why not give it another go? The sky, however, got cloudier and cloudier as we approached the Taranaki area. We drove as close as possible - and all the sudden look who showed his face in his entire magnificence!

I also got to drive along the Forgotten World Highway this time and we stopped in Whangamomona, a self-proclaimed independent Republic. Did you know this gem is in the middle of New Zealand? How cool is that! Check this out - former presidents include Billy the Goat and a poodle!!!

After enjoying a refreshing swim in one of the rivers along the way we called in at Matt's sister and spent a lovely evening with her family. Thank you for the shower and the goodies Sarah =D


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