Rude awakening

Last night I was home alone and seriously scared to death. We're out in the sticks and I constantly heard noises outside the house. Every once in a while it sounded like someone was snooping around the house and I thought I was going paranoid.

Well, turns out someone HAD been out there all night. But rather stomping than snooping. Looks like the neighbour's cows had gotten loose ;-( And they really enjoyed my vege garden that I was so proud of! They munched most of my silverbeet, carrots, swedes - even my last Kohlrabi that I was looking forward to devouring this weekend. NOT HAPPY!!! Not to speak about the cow shit that's all around the place now.

Lucky Matt - apart from a thrown over strawberry pot they left his garden alone. The windbreaker seemed to have been enough to hold them off. As for me - I guess I can start all over again :-(


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