A day at the beach

Had our Christmas staff do last night: a quiz night between both centres. There was a bit too much alcohol involved so I have no idea why I was wide awake at 6am this morning. Got a bit of cleaning done and then we were off TO THE BEACH *yay* Haven't been this summer, yet (apart from the ritual drive to the estuary after work), as there hasn't been much of a summer.
Chose to go to Whananaki today which seems to be THE most favourite beach of most Northlanders and brings back lots of childhood memories. It was a lovely day with lots of sunshine, I even went for a swim :-) Got a nice tan, too. Unfortunately the good weather is not meant to last very long, so we made the most of it today. Went for a bit of a walk around the rocks and ended up having an entire beach just to ourselves! Only in New Zealand...


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