Wild Pork Challenge

Remember my weekend up north in the Hokianga when Matt had joined the Hokianga Boar Hunt 2014? We'd come back with a wild pork that a neighbor cut up for us and it's since been sitting in the freezer.

This weekend we finally grabbed one bit out - a quarter of a pig. Woah it was MASSIVE! Took 1.5 days to sort of defrost (you don't want to see my kitchen at the moment, still trying to clean up all the blood).

 Matt managed to slice it up a bit so it could actually fit in the oven *lol* Started it off on the grill before seasoning it and wrapping it in tin foil. I's been cooking for a few hours and by dinner time should be delicious as. I wish I could describe the smell that's lingering in the air. Mouth-watering! That will keep our tummies busy for a few days I'd say. Anybody wanna come and have a try?


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