What a stormy weekend!

It's been raining constantly since Friday afternoon and there's no sign of it stopping *sigh* We went for a quick drive to the dump this morning and only just made it over the bridge at the bottom of our driveway. Can't quite believe spring is meant to start tomorrow! So over this rain. At least it was the perfect excuse for a lazy weekend... mind you - actually got quite a bit done. Matt finally finished off my book shelf for the lounge so I managed to empty out all the boxes in the guestroom and put things where they belong.

Had a good harvest this weekend, too. Our first brussel sprouts *yummy* What a feast. We're also still living off pumpkins from last year, the freezer is full of corn, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower. Once this rain is over we can finally get the garden ready for summer. Got lots to do - tomatoes, silverbeet, carrots and more.


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