What is it with mechanics?

Please excuse the language in this video. It was recorded just after Matt had come home from our mechanic who was meant to put a new radiator in his truck. The last radiator he had put in simply didn't fit. They had to grind out the bonnet, grind along the radiator cap - and it still wouldn't seal properly which left us constantly topping up water too keep the engine cool. I guess you can imagine we weren't all too happy.

So we finally got our mechanic to put a new radiator in - and this is the result! The truck overheated on the way home, there was steam coming out from under the bonnet and anti-freeze hissing out from where the hose connects to the radiator. I'd really like to know what the heck they have been doing?!?!?

Luckily Matt ran into our mechanic on the weekend - after we'd unsuccessfully been trying to get in touch with him. Of course he doesn't work on weekends, but we weren't prepared to pay $100 to have to tow the truck into town. So he actually came out yesterday to have a look. Seems like either they had forgotten to put water into the radiator after installing it or one of the knobs on the radiator was loose. Both I would call wantonly negligent!

Seems to be working fine now. Truck is starting without issues and it's not overheating anymore. So now just praying there hasn't been too much damage done to the head or engine.. I've spent all Saturday researching our rights as customers so if anyone has similar issues with their mechanic I can now probably point you in the right direction...


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