The joys of rural life in winter

I've got a problem. Maybe even more. It (they?) has 4 legs, a little tail, whiskers and grey fur. It's called a mouse. Now don't get me wrong - I LOVE mice. They are really cute and funny characters. What I don't like is hearing them have a party in the roof all day and night. Or waking up in the middle of the night thinking I'm hearing mice running around in the house.

Or even worse - waking up in the morning to find mouse poo allover the kitchen table where our pumpkins are currently stored - some of them now have little teeth marks on the outside - and I really don't like finding mouse poo on top of the couch where (because it's so much warmer in front of the fire) I had been sleeping all night. Really not cool!

So we've set off today to buy us some mouse traps. I've put 2 around the lounge/kitchen nicely filled with peanut butter. And now I have a problem. I don't really want to KILL the mouse. I just want it to go back outside. A few minutes ago I spotted the little rascal. It's really quite cute. And it was sitting right next to one of the traps! I know it sounds stupid but I actually blocked both ears shut waiting for the BANG. Didn't happen. And you know what? I was quite relieved...

So here's my question. Does anyone have any ideas how to convince that little mouse that it's better off outside than in my house? Where it definitely will end up being killed sooner or later? I mean after all - yes, it is winter - but we're in Northland! It's not really that cold out there. You'll be fine, little mouse! Just go ;-)


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