Letter to the New Zealand Teaching Council

I started learning English when I was 10. That was 22 years ago. I lived in the United States of America as a teenager, attended High School for one year, wrote for the school newspaper, worked for the school news.

One of my major subjects when graduating from High School in Germany was English. I received the highest possible mark and was best of my class.

I passed the First Certificate of Cambridge English (FCE) in 2000 with excellency - a 5 hour exam testing your language skills in listening, reading, writing, comprehension and speaking. It is internationally recognized.

I have successfully studied four years to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts honours (BAhon) in Journalism. 1 semester was spent in Australia.

Since I came to New Zealand 4 years ago I have worked with children, special needs children, elderly and in hospitality. I got my residency without issues in November last year and am now working in a childcare centre full time.

And you guys (the New Zealand Teaching Council) want me to take a $400 exam to prove my English skills are sufficient enough to teach early childcare in New Zealand?

Oh no. That's not quite accurate. You want me to pay $385 to prove my English is sufficient enough to STUDY in order to become an early childcare teacher.

Makes perfect sense...


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