The Queen of Rock Cods

I'm afraid we haven't had a good start into this year's Beach & Boat Fishing Competition. Everything was planned well - just not executed to plan ;-/ Matt and I were so exhausted that neither of us woke up to our alarm clock this morning and slept right in. By the time we finally got to the rocks it was already 5 hours into the comp, the tide wasn't ideal and our fishing spot had been taken. BUGGER!

We tried to make the most of it. Found another spot, berleyed up and cast our lines. 4 hours later I'm afraid that rock cod in the picture was the best I could come up with. Too bad it's not one of the target species that gets you prices. Matt caught 2 snappers but way too small to even be considered. I lost more bait to shags in the water than actual fish and caught more seaweed than anything else. What a shame.

But at least we had a good time :-) And that's what it's all about in the end. We met a guy who's been in the comp for 5 years and has NEVER been able to weigh in a single fish. I sincerely hope I will do better than that. Matt managed to at least weigh in one snapper last year that was quite close to the mystery weight, too.

Tonight's mission will be a lot better planned. We still have until 4pm tomorrow to catch the big guys. COME ON FISHIES!!!!


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