Stormy times

Hard to believe this picture was taken exactly a year ago yesterday. Waitangi Day 2013 was one of the hottest days of the year! Clear blue skies and temperatures around 30 degrees. Last year Matt shouted us a ride in a helicopter (Salt Air in Paihia, definitely recommendable!) where this picture was taken.

Waitangi Day 2014? More than slightly different. Not only were Matt and I both working. It was raining cats and dogs and the storm was horrendous! I came home yesterday to find one of the trees in our front yard knocked over - roots and all just snapped in half. An even worse picture in the backyard. One of the greenhouses - which in hindsight had been nailed into the wall for more stability and wind protection - was completely ripped, broken apart and blown half-way across the lawn. All the pots inside which had been full of chili plants and rosemary were turned upside down in the grass and most of the soil was scattered everywhere. What a disaster ;-/ Luckily I managed to scrap most of it up and refill the pots. Might have to do more re-work on the weekend.

The rest of the evening I lit the fire (in the middle of summer!!!) because it was blimmin' freezing. I must have got it right this time because by the time Matt got home a few hours later it was still burning nicely and the whole house was cozy and comfy.

For those of you who wonder what the heck Waitangi Day is - it's New Zealand's national day based on the signing of the treaty of Waitangi on 6 February 1840 between Pakeha (English) and Maori (natives). That marks the foundation of New Zealand as we know it today. Ka pai?


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