Back on track

After eating lots of junk food in the past few months I've finally come to the conclusion - I need to change something! Started exercising again and hope I can keep it up for a while. Will try and so a little bit EVERY day instead of overdoing it and then losing motivation. So today I only went for a "little" walk - down the driveway to the letterbox and back. It's about 1km - but MAN she's steep! I can feel my buttocks BIG time... Working heaps the next couple of days so gotta think of something to incorporate a bit of exercise into my schedule...

What is YOUR favourite indoor exercise? Plank... Crunches... ? Let me know and I'll give it a go =D


  1. Fies, aber effektiv: Auf den Bauch legen, dann Füße und Unterarme aufstützen - beides etwa schulterbreit auseinander. Körper hochdrücken, bis du waagerecht überm Boden bist. 30 Sekunden halten, drei mal wiederholen.

  2. Anita das nennt man hier "plank" - fies aber wirksam :-) Mach ich schon... habs schon mal 2x1min geschafft!


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