Welcome to New Zealand, Mara!

3.5 years and about $3000 (NZ) later I can finally announce: I am a New Zealand resident *woohoo* The mailman brought my passport back to me yesterday with a brand new resident visa! Until November 2015 I can enter and exit the country as often as I like without losing that status - then I get my permanent residency.

I am positively surprised how fast and hassle free everything went this time. They reckon Immigration NZ needs 3 to 9 months to even assign you a case manager... I must have been REALLY lucky this time... I only sent my application off during the first week in October. Three weeks later I had my application approved and - after paying yet another fee and sending my passport back - three more weeks later my passport including my resident visa was in the mail. Never even heard from my case manger or anything .-)

Thank you Immigration New Zealand =D This is one of the happiest days in my life! Now I can concentrate on my next dreams and goals... my brain just never sleeps *lol*


  1. Mensch Mara, das lese ich jetzt erst!!!
    Dann hat das Daumendrücken offenbar geholfen und das Bangen hat ein Ende!

    Allerherzlichsten Glückwunsch und eine fröhliche, warme Weihnachtszeit in Kiwiland.


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