This is how fun work can be

This weekend me and two colleagues where taking 4 kids that we normally have in respite up north. We left Friday afternoon and went all the way to Ahipara just north of Kaitaia where we enjoyed a lovely dinner with Fish and Chips at the beach.

Saturday was as outdoorsy as can be... After breakfast we headed all the way up to Cape Reinga where Matt and I had just been a few months ago. I love that place, it's so gorgeous - beautiful landscape, crystal clear blue water, monstrous sand dunes and more...

Funny that a lot of Kiwis have never actually been there. It's quite spiritual, too, as the Maories believe that here the last journey begins for the souls of those who have passed. Their spirit leaves earth from the Cape to make its way to Hawaiiki (similar to Heaven)...

On the way back we stopped at Rarawa Beach and gathered some tuatuas (similar to Pipis - seashells/mussels) and a delicacy for anyone who loves seafood. You're meant to dig for them with your feet and then pick them up from under the sand before the waves get you. I actually just spotted them in the water right in front of me!!! We got enough for a feed and they were a yummy addition to our dinner =D

Today we stopped at Ngawha Springs, the mud pools I've been telling you about in the past... Stinky but relaxing as usual :-) Finally home now, trying to get my laundry sorted, tidy up and relax... Matt is already out fishing again but left me a wonderful boil up for dinner *yumyum*


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