Constantly on the move

Haven't been posting much for a while I just realized. Matt and I have been pretty busy - and my last post unfortunately wasn't uploaded and is now lost somewhere in space... But anyway. So what have we been up to? I have just sent off my latest application to Immigration New Zealand. Only another work permit at this stage. My residency application is pretty much ready to go, just missing a few minor touches. Hopefully get that sorted by the end of July/August.

Meanwhile I've been keeping myself busy with my 2 jobs - at kindergarten (I'm currently working in two different centers) and the respite house. I never would have thought working with special needs children/teenagers can be so enjoyable and rewarding! It's definitely my new choice of career =D

I'm also getting more involved again with the Au Pair Network I've set up more than 2 years ago. Rather by accident I recently stumbled upon a girl who had just arrived in Whangarei - and another one might be starting work here soon. There's also a few more business ideas I'm currently looking into. Life stays exciting =D

Another change maybe coming up soon is yet another move. While Matt and I both love living in Waipu - the area is just magnificent! - we've been having quite a bit of trouble with our landlord when it comes to his part of the bargain. Our place is freezing cold and damp - barely or no insulation, holes everywhere, mould - and after one dead rat under our couch and another one somewhere in the kitchen that doesn't get taken care of we're literally SICK of it. We're going to look at a place this weekend. And you know when you get that feeling that something is just right? I think Matt and I can both already see us moving in *lol* So keep your fingers crossed...

That's it for today. Lots of work still to do. Ka kite :-)


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