When one door opens...

... quite often you have to shut another one in order to go ahead.

Juggling 3 part-time jobs in order to make a living is stressful. On the body, the mind, and on ones  relationships/social life. It seems like you're constantly working yet you barely make ends meet. I've been praying for things to get better and it seems my prayers have been answered. At a cost.

After starting to work in respite care a few weeks ago I finally had sufficient hours to really get an income. It was a blessing finding that job and I really enjoy it. Yet it made things more difficult because I had to juggle that plus kindy plus my various home support clients. Lots of travelling - and lots of rescheduling. Not always to everybody's satisfaction.

Yesterday I got a call from the Ministry offering me more hours with another child at a different center. At first I declined as it collided with pretty much all my clients. And then I started thinking... 2 jobs with adequate hours and good pay - nothing wrong with that.

So - even though it somehow breaks my heart to let "my old people" go - I handed in my resignation yesterday. Still have to tell a few clients and I know they won't be happy. But as harsh as it sounds - a therapist told me years ago I have to be more egoistic. Plus I'm a gut person and deep inside it feels like the right move. So let's hope I don't regret it...


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