Starting slowly

Living healthy isn't always easy. There are so many temptations you have to face each and every day. And since I have a very sweet tooth I tend to say yes a lot more often than no.

But I've been trying to be good - by adding more and more little goodies in between the bad choices. Like making my own fruit and vege drinks  at home, snacking carrots instead of chips and adding lots of fresh fruit to my bowl of after-dinner-ice-cream...

Also for a few weeks now I've been carrying a bag of spare clothes and running shoes in the car for those days when I finish work early and have to wait for Matt. Of course since the bag has been in the car there were no such days... until today. Just been for a 10min run around the park and feel GREAT! My reward was instant- I saw the rescue helicopter land right next to me and the pilot wave at me (their base is right next to the park).

Now I hope to keep it up. Once a week is the minimum goal - with longer runs bit by bit and eventually more often per week. Until I can finally afford going to the gym again.

Oops - here comes the rain. Lucky me. Better get home...


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