Winter in Germany

It's the last night with my family here in Germany today. After a farewell dinner at our favourite Greek restaurant tonight I'll travel on to N├╝rnburg tomorrow and after another short stopover will be going back home on Wednesday.

The last 2 weeks were a bit like travelling back in time. Nothing much seems to have changed around here except that everybody got a bit older *lol* My grandma asked me last week how many people I've met while I was here. To be honest - I've lost count. But I really enjoyed seeing every single one of them again. Talking to former schoolmates, colleagues, friends and relatives (and seeing their children for the first time!!!) and even being able to sing once again with the Little Lights of LE was worth the trip.

There's lots of pictures here if anyone would like to see :-)

The hardest thing was saying goodbye to my grandma knowing it probably was the very last time I got to see her. Already she's back in hospital where I spent a few more hours with her today. I wish her well, but I'm too realistic to think she'll be there forever...


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