Waitangi Day 2013

This year I really wanted to spend Waitangi Day up north - in Waitangi. After all that's where New Zealand as we know it now was born. Matt wasn't too keen at first but this time I got things done my way *heehee* and MAN did we end up having a fantastic time!

Weather was beautiful today: clear sky, lovely sunshine and only a little breeze. Once we arrived at Paihia we parked the car and went down to the Marina. Instantly spotted the chopper on the beach... that was one thing I've been wanting to do for years but it's always so bloody expensive! But after going on antique Russian Antonovs, shabby looking Polish Wilgas and even a glider (last summer) the one thing still missing on my wish list was a helicopter ride.

Lucky for me Matt was in a generous mood today - thanks to the good pay from fighting that massive fire in Pouto until last week. Anyway... I finally got my Xmas present *woohoo* we checked out SaltAir - the local company offering helicopter rides - and we found the perfect one for us.

20mins all the way to Cape Brett and the Hole in the Rocks. I have to admit I was a bit scared. Over a yummy seafood lunch Matt told me about every thing that can go wrong in a chopper and about all the guys he (personally) knew who'd crashed and died over the years.

But... it was too late to chicken out. 12.30pm we took off. And WOOHOO that was a great feeling! Our pilot Manu told us heaps about the area, pointed out islands that were good for fishing and a lit of bits and pieces. The flight was over way too soon but I've taken tons of awesome pics! Will upload some in the next few days to share this unique experience with you.

I can only recommend this to anyone! The flight was smooth as, the view magnificent!

We still walked over to Waitangi afterwards to have a look around the Treaty Grounds. But there wasn't even a hangi available so once Matt got his hair cut for just $10 we headed back home. What a memorable day :-)


  1. Der Weltenbummler tobt sich aus, ein winzig,schönen, anmutigen Teil des riesigen Erdnerunds in sich zu saugen.Probst du für Deutschland?


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