That's what I'm talking about

My first "real" day of summer. What a bliss! It's been pretty windy all day but the sun was out and the surf was good. Spent a few hours at the beach around the corner, went for a swim and already got a nice tan. Even found a book on the shelf I hadn't actually read yet! Can't remember when I last read a book - sometime last year... Today was just what I needed after the busy season at the dairy. Refilled my energy to be ready for the kids at kindergarten tomorrow. Wonder how much they've changed over the past 6 weeks.


  1. Bereitet schon schmunzeln. Australien verheerende Waldbrände, jetzt Flutkatastrophen, Deutschland seit tagen bitter kalt, selbst in berlin bleibt der Schnee liegen. Aber hier gibts ja Sonnenbanken, wer auf braun wert legt


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