An early morning walk

Since the New Year's rush is over my hours at the local dairy have been cut a little. But starting work at noon has its advantages - for example being able to go on an early morning walk to the nearby wharf and enjoy the scenery of our new home. Crystal clear water, lots of wildlife (we have a bird and wildlife sanctuary just around the corner) and an abundance of fish. Should do that more often :-)

Meanwhile - after having been working at the dairy for two weeks - I have not only memorized 95 percent of all the prices. I can also feel my right arm from doing ice-creams all day long. Growing some strong muscles there, I can tell you! Haven't had a day off for almost 2 weeks now and still got another 2.5 weeks to go before things are back to normal.I'm not really a workaholic, but somehow I keep ending up in situations like this *sigh* well, at least I get a free ice-cream (almost) every day after work *woohoo*

Here's more pictures of beautiful Waipu if you're keen =D


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