Things are getting weird

I've never been a morning person. On the contrary. I used to love sleeping in as long as possible. On workdays I used to stay in bed until the very last minute rather skipping breakfast to get a few more minutes under my cozy blanket.

And now? Ever since we've moved to Waipu and the alarm clock goes off between 4.30 am and 5.30am my whole body has turned around on me. Even on weekends I can't stay in bed longer than 7 or 8am because by then it feels like I've slept away half of the day.

This morning Matt and I got up as usual. We had just hopped into the car and were on our 40mins drive into town when Matt got a call from his boss. Work is cancelled due to the cyclone that's been pestering us since yesterday afternoon. So we turned around and went back home.

It was not even 6am and I had about another 2 hours before having to leave for kindergarten. Normally I would have gone straight back to bed - I mean HELLO?!? 2 more hours of blistful sleep?

Well, duh... guess what I'm doing instead... organizing my desk, getting paperwork out of the way, doing laundry... I must be coming down with something serious because this is just WRONG!!! It's so not me!!! What's going on?!?


  1. haha! ist bei mir genauso, da ist irgendwas in der Luft down under ;)

  2. Würds eher mit der zunehmenden Bewußtseinsorientierung im leben darstellen, aus den Kinderschuhen entwachsen verbunden mit dem Erkennen, "zeit ist kostbastes Gut im Leben, jede verlorene Minute ist nicht mehr aufholbar". Daraus resultiert demzufolge auch, nicht unnötig im bett sich halbwach zu räkeln.

  3. Isn't it spring in NZ? Maybe you are full of springy feelings :) hehe!


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