Making our new home - our home :-)

Matt and I have been in our new place for about a month now and we've settled in just fine =D Getting up early (4.30am) and driving back and forth for an hour each day is quite tiring - but coming home is sooooo worth it =D Here's a few things we've been doing so far and some pictures for those who don't have facebook *g*

Our barn...

... and the view from our bedroom window...


Watching dolphins at the beach - Matt actually spotted them from our kitchen window! So we hopped into the car and drove 5mins to the beach to get a better view... wish I had brought my other lense to zoom in closer, thogh ;-/


Going for walks along the beach...


Collecting umptious amounts of shells :-)


 Decorating the table with everything I find on the beach *heehee*


Starting a little vege garden of our own *woohoo*




This weekend Matt's cousin has come for a visit and of course the boys are off fishing. We're going pretty much every weekend so it's kinda nice to have a little break and enjoy "girl time" *lol*

Here's a lot more pictures if you're keen to have a look...


  1. Looks wonderful, glad it all worked out in the end! Enjoy!! :)

  2. Hmmm-sieht fast aus wie die Vorbereitung einer Hanffarm*lol*


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