Move it, baby

Anxiously Matt and I have been waiting for weeks from immigration to hear about the outcome of my visa application. It didn't sound very good at first, but we did everything in our power to make sure we get to be together. Here's the result: We're moving in 2 weeks AND by doing so my visa will be approved *woohoo*

Sooner than expected we found a lovely house south of town, really close to the beach. Just gotta sign the tenancy agreement and then it's ours =D And I'll eventually get my passport back with that nice little sticker saying "work visa". What a relief!!!

They do say nothing in life that is really worth fighting for comes for free. And the harder the struggle is the happier you are in the end once everything turns out well. Some things are just meant to be - and this is clearly one of them.

We've been celebrating with another fishing trip to our favorite spot this weekend. Matt gave me a new reel (after he'd thrown my old one off the rocks last week because it was utter rubbish) and of course I managed to get a HUGE birdnest right on my first cast. Now he's put a kiddielock on the baitrunner *lol* Still caught a couple of Kahawai and we had a yummy feed last night :-)


  1. na dann herzlichen Glückwunsch - was lange wärt, wird gut.


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