A trip that wasn't meant to be

This weekend was meant to be a no-fishing-weekend. And looking back at it we (or Matt?) should have stuck the original plan. But since I had my social butterfly day today catching up with friends and my host family Matt must have got rather restless and changes his mind. "Fishing?", was the first thing I heard in the morning.

Apart from the fact that I was going to be an hour late to meet my friend I didn't mind driving my darling out to his favorite spot. As long as I didn't have to tag along this time - in the miserably wet and cold weather... Unfortunately I didn't realize HOW bad the conditions were until I went back just after dark to pick him up.

What did I do? Got my Mitsi stuck in the muddy paddock. Somehow it had drifted off to the side into the ditch and neither moved back nor forward. Matt tried for half an hour to set it free - but his efforts were in vain. All he managed to do was get us both and the car covered in mud from head to toe. Just great ;-/

Matt ended up having to walk in the rain to get the owner who lives about 15mins up the road from where we got stuck - and luckily Matt knew the guy. They must have had a big laugh wondering how on earth I had managed to drive the car into the ditch. Oh well, what do I know? Managed to get the Mitsi back out and eventually made it back to the hostel.

Matt thinks I'm the worst driver EVER and doesn't talk to me right now. Told him to shut up, guess he took that seriously. Men can be soooo sensitive!


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