You gotta love New Zealand!

Just today one of my Home Support clients was talking about Guavas and how yummy they were. I've never actually had one - only as a flavour in yoghurts. So the old lady said she was going to make me a small glass of Guava jam next week. How sweet :-)

Well... now guess what... When I came home from work I saw a friend of mine rounding up one of the trees outside the hostel and putting fruits into a bag. We actually have a Guava tree right outside!!! There are so many ripe fruits and since barely anybody knows about the tree heaps of them have been falling to the ground and eaten by the birds. What a waste...

Curiously I tried one and OHHHH let me tell you, what a delicious treat! So upstairs I went to get a bag for myself *heehee* That will be a nutrious pudding after dinner tonight :-) According to Wikipedia one single Guava has FOUR TIMES the amount of vitamin C of an orange!!!

Oh and here is some more great news: My car passed its WoF (Warrant of Fitness) today *woohoo* So I don't need to worry about how to get to work during the next half year. Thanks to the nice Scottish auto technician who looked the other way here and there :-)


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