I'm getting angry

I've been a Community Support Worker for almost 3 months mostly cleaning for elderly people who - due to their health - can't accomplish certain household chores on their own anymore. Almost every time I visit a new client to relief for their normal cleaner I get praises over praises after I've done my work. It's little things like "Oh, the floor has actually been mopped this time." or "You even used the toilet brush to clean the toilet." or "Your cloths are actually dirty when you've cleaned the house."...

One of those clients I was only meant to see a couple times actually called up my boss and asked if I could stay permanently. And I've had a few others who were toying with the idea. What on earth is wrong with some people over here? The work ethics are SHOCKING! I feel sorry for a lot of my clients who so much depend on their Support Worker to help them around the house and yet nobody really seems to care.

Just the other day I went to a house where the normal cleaner had been only a week ago. Then why do I ask you were there spider webs allover the place? Why was the toilet stained as and why the mirrors filthy? If you're not prepared to get on the floor and do some - yes dirty - work THEN FIND ANOTHER JOB!


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