Happy Birthday, Mara :-)

It's been a bit more than a week since my birthday party but I did want to write about it nonetheless and thank everybody who was there for making it such an unforgettable day =D Each and every one of you contributed in their own special way and I am grateful for the busy helpers I had and the wonderful friends I have!

Matt, Ngahuia (one of the girls from the hostel) and I had spent the night before the party in the kitchen preparing the fish, making salads, baking pies and banana bread and brownies and my birthday cake. Only took us about six hours and we finally finished just before midnight.

Nevertheless it was "early rise and shine" for the three of us the next morning. Ngahuia had once again happily volunteered to help with further party preparation (sucks when you live in the same place and don't have your own transport *ggg*). We had good fun from the start blowing up balloons in the car along the way.

After spending some more hours cleaning and cooking and Ngahuia and Matt almost setting the fish on fire it was time for the guests to arrive. I was really happy to see Matt's sisters had made it all the way up here to celebrate with us! We all had a really jolly time and the few of us who stayed overnight played games until the early morning hours while Matt and his sister's fiancé spent some bro-time together going rock-fishing.

Here's some pictures of a really awesome day =D


  1. I'm so glad, everything worked out like you wanted it to. It's really good to see you so happy! Keep on moving, honey.


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