Good things will happen to those who believe

It's been a bit quiet again here lately. It wasn't that I didn't have anything to say or that nothing had happened. On the contrary. My life at the moment is full of constant adventures, battles, happy moments and lots of questions. But sometimes sorting through the mass of information in your head isn't that easy.

Today I'll start by saying thank you for all those wonderful birthday wishes in the past week. I am grateful for all my friends out there no matter how many thousands of kilometers away they might be. Thank you for your constant love and support and also for all those wonderful pictures I received for my birthday photo wall. I just picked it up today (it wasn't meant to be ready until next week which would have sucked because my party is on Saturday but hey - hence my title for this post =D

I put the poster on my bedroom wall for now and I can't tell you how much warmer the room already looks and feels! Some of you who have sent me pictures won't find them on the poster simply because I received them too late. But nevertheless they've been put onto the wall as well and on Saturday - for the big party - you guys can all join me and celebrate with me :-)
Speaking of birthdays - being 30 doesn't actually feel as bad as I thought it would be. I had a wonderful day last Friday with Matt. It was a beautiful sunny day - very surprising considering it's already winter and has been raining heaps and heaps and heaps in the last few weeks. So we made the most of the day and went to the beach :-)

This one is towards Whangarei Heads and we stopped to watch some anglers off the wharf. I've got some more pictures of beautiful Ocean Beach just have to upload them these days. Speaking of fish - yep, we even did go fishing that night. Tried a new spot out towards Mimiwhangata. It took us an hour to walk to the rocks. Over paddocks we went passing horses and sheep, climbing steep trecks and along cliffs where left and right there was nothing but abyss.

But the view in the end was worth the effort! Check this out...

Unfortunately it wasn't a very successful night. One Trevally (turned into live bait), a snapper, 2 kahawai and an eel. Would have been a lot more but not long after sunset a shark was attracted by our berley and munched it all. Luckily it buggered off after it had eaten but it was quite a show to watch!

At least we do have enough fish to live on for a while. Saturday is the day for "my" big snapper. The 20-pounder Matt caught a few weeks ago is finally being smoked. We'll also make some raw fish and I'll do some baking for the party. Lots of preparation but it's going to be so much fun =D I've never hosted a big party like that - but then you only turn 30 once =D

Prior to my big day I must admit I had been in some kind of early midlife crisis. You know how when you grow up you always have a picture of yourself in mind about when you are older? Well, that picture barely ever turns out to be reality. My life has taken some unexpected turns in the last few years and I guess I just had to accept that some things just didn't turn out the way they were planned or meant to be. Who would have thought that at 30 I'd be living in a hostel, facing constant money problems, changing my career I always thought was THE only right one for me...

And yet looking back I wouldn't change a thing. I am actually happy where I am :-) After years of moaning I finally have a job that I actually enjoy. I've got a man by my side I know I can count on. Friends who make me cry with laughter and a family on three different continents.

Life hasn't always been easy. But that's what makes life so wonderfully exciting. And eventually, finally, everything is slowly falling into place. Bit by bit. Good things will happen to those who believe. You just have to keep your mind and your eyes open. And be happy about little things.

One thing that made me smile today? Got the break lights fixed on my car for a lot less than I thought it would cost PLUS found a mechanic who will not be too picky when it comes to warranting my car as long as it's safe :-) So when the school holidays are over I should still be able to get to work and back without having to walk 60 kilometers daily *yay*


  1. Mara, I am so happy that all is well with you. I am really pleased you had lovely birthday, your life is falling into place, you have a wonderful man at your side and finally there seems to be a healthy balance. I am so envious when I see these stunning snaps of a gorgeous country! Well done you. Things are only falling into place because you are you and you have worked hard to get where you are. Well done. And I am so pleased to hear you are enjoying your work. Know what? Although it is tons of work I ouldn't want to do anything else either for a never know...maybe you'll re-train as teacher!!!
    Much love xxxx and hugs xxxx


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