A helping hand

We served an older couple at work today that has been hit hard by destiny. Their 8 year old grandson - mentally disabled - somehow managed to burn down the entire house so the older couple was left with nothing - apart from their lives. They don't even really have a place to stay and were desperately looking for somewhere to crash for the night.

I don't know the full story because one of my colleagues talked to them. But when she came back and told me little bits and pieces I instantly thought about the hostel where I have found a temporary home. So I rushed after them and told them that "we" still have rooms available, furnished and either long- or short-term. The old lady was so grateful she nearly cried. I handed her the detals and told her where to go - and guess who just moved in this afternoon :-) Have to go downstairs and talk to her tomorrow see if everything is alright. It's such a good feeling helping others and knowing that made their day just a little bit brighter...


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