Getting closer

My first week as officially unemployed is not as work-less as I had feared it would be. I'm still helping out at the restaurant a few times so there's still money coming in. And I'm keeping myself busy hunting for jobs. Handed in three more applications today AND I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW!!!!!! *woohoo* Next Monday... for Education Support Work - which is working with special needs kids. Mostly accompanying them to kindergarten and helping them interact with other kids, helping them learn and grow. I'm so looking forward to it and would love to get that job. A friend of mine has a daughter who's in need for an ESW and they still haven't found someone. Wouldn't it be great if I got her "case" to start with?

I'm also motorized again which makes life soooo much easier and better. A friend of mine who's gone back to Scotland for a few weeks left me Basil to look after *heehee* Already took him out for a little drive today and spend a wonderful girly night with former colleagues. Tomorrow I'm finally seeing one of my dearest friends again that I haven't talked to FOR AGES!!! And on the weekend I'm hoping to go up to the farm and spend some time with my host family. I love it =D

Btw - big event coming up this weekend. Friends of mine are getting married :-) It's meant to be a beach wedding so I hope the weather changes because for the past few days it's been raining and raining and raining *sigh* I thought winter was over, but the clouds still haven't left...


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