Immigration New Zealand: I THINK I'M IN!!!

It's not official yet but it seems like Immigration has already finished processing my work visa application!!! How I know that?

After having spent at least another half hour on the phone with an immigration officer on Friday about my interim visa and me not being able to work after Thursday I had received an automated email titled "Your communication with Immigration NZ". All it contained was an attachment - which of course I couldn't open again. So once again I sent it to my friend Jenny in London who transformed it into a proper doc-file and just sent it back to me overnight.

I thought all they had done was sending me the transcript of the phone call I had made on Friday. Which - to be honest - would be kinda studid cos what would I need that for. Anyway - it wasn't. All it was was yet another automatic email saying "Your online status has been updated." HUH?!?

So I went online, logged onto the Immigration Website - and guess what I found...

Work Visa lodged 1 July 2011 APPROVED
- Expiry date 8 July 2012

I tried to call Immigration to confirm what I think it is but of course there's nobody working on Sunday so I have to wait another day. But it sounds like I can STAY!!!


  1. Yaeh, I open a bottle of champagne to celebrate that. Prost to NZ!

  2. Fantastic News!!! So happy hunni. Hope it's all going to go smoothly now!
    Xxx hugs xxx

  3. That is exactly what happened with me. I got a text telling me "the status of your application has changed" and when I logged into the website it said it was approved with the new expiration date! I got my passport back via NZ Post in the mail a few days later with my new stickers:-). I am sure everything is fine.


  4. super, herzlichen gl├╝ckwunsch!


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