How not to treat your customers

How often, I wonder, do you actually have to cancel a contract before the cancellation becomes effective? I am now sending the THIRD notice of termination to Vodafone Germany hoping they will finally realize I don't want their service anymore... The first one that I sent almost half a year ago has simply been ignored - at least I never got the affirmation letter/mail saying they received my cancellation and will not automatically renew my cellphone contract sometime later this year.

I almost forgot about the whole business until I saw the recent automatic payment to Vodafone from my account. So last week I tried again - this time using the "24 hour phone hotline that helps you fast". What shall I say - I called and called and called, ended up on hold every single time but nobody EVER answered the phone! Thank you, Vodafone.

So I sent them a message via their online custover service center. And guess what - still no answer. So today I've sent yet another letter telling them to terminate my contract once it runs out and NOT to renew it. And would they please send me a message back (not via phone because I haven't been able to use that for months which is another story) confirming my cancellation... Surely my first attempt should have been enough? Before I know it my cancellation period will have run out and I'll be stuck with them for another two years... any idea what else I can do from the other side of the world?


  1. 1. die Kündigung per Einschreiben/Rückschein ganz normal mit der Post senden (das gibts hoffentlich auch in NZ)
    2. eine eventuell bestehende Einzugsermächtigung widerrufen und dann unter Verweis auf die erste Vertragskündigung einfach nicht mehr zahlen

    Meinst Du, das könnte helfen?

    Liebe Grüße

  2. These silly people. Can you not cancel your direct debit from your German bank account? If they can't access your bank account they won't be able to get the money and then I am sure they will contact you! ;) Good luck!!! Xxx


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