Antsy pantsy or whatever...

Today really isn't my day. Could it be because I have been working 8 days in a row doing who knows how many hours of hospitality work? It started in the morning when I had to ask our kitchen staff approx 5 times in half an hour to open up the office for me so I could turn on some music (which also attracts customers - but mainly helps me to wake up and keeps me from being cranky all day...). When she finally did open the office I had to discover that the music computer was broken and there was only silence :-( Should have known that was a bad sign...

After work I had an appointment with my bank because I need money to buy a car. Now that Dan has a job again - which is in the opposite direction of town and involves shift work, too - we can't share his car anymore which means I will have trouble from now on getting to work and back (which especially sucks at night because the only way of getting home would be calling a taxi which will cost me a fortune).

I was hoping to either get an overdraft for a while or a personal loan just over 2000 NZ dollars - a bit more than 1000 Euros. Should have known that it's not going to work out - not being a resident makes things SO FUCKING COMPLICATED!!! Excuse my language but why do things have to be so hard for people who are settling in in a different country? I currently neither qualify for an overdraft, nor for a loan - not even for a credit card! Now I have a credit card for my German account - which has no money in it. And the accounts that do have money in them I don't get a credit card for. No more booking of concert tickets, plane tickets nor any of the other thousands of things that nowadays require a credit card. That is SO STUPID!!!

So how am I going to be able to afford a car? I could save up for it - which will only take me a few months. But no - wait - I won't be able to save because I'm broke getting a taxi all the time :-(

And to finish things I just got home to find this...

Looks like the ants have found a new home now that we aren't using the dishwasher anymore. I was just going to pop some toast in when I noticed something black moving around the toaster... there was only 40 or 50 of them around *wäh* even turning the toaster on didn't help they are happy exploring it anyway... so no food right now either :-( guess I should just go to bed and hope tomorrow will look better..


  1. poor you! big hug xxx
    isn't dan able to take out a loan for you to buy a second car? he is resident in nz right? hope all will work out hunni
    big london hug beaming your way!

  2. Hey Mara, wie weit ist denn Dein Arbeitsweg? Ist da vielleicht Radeln drin? Bin gerade im Urlaub 600 km durch Südfrankreich gestrampelt, mit dem Zelt, jeden Abend woanders...
    Hinterher passte die Wanderhose wieder, die ich leider zu Hause lassen musste, weil sie nicht mehr zuging!
    Liebe Grüße von Siggi


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